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Utilizing experience and insights, AKTUS consulting focus on leveraging risk management and strategy processes to enhance organizational manoeuvrability and make this a competitive advantage for organizations.

In a volatile world, management of risks needs to deliver more than being safe when the boat is rocking. Persevering requires intelligent risk taking … having the ability and courage to be the one rocking the boat.

Based on 35 years of broad business experience, including 10 years of building and heading Strategic Risk Management at the LEGO Group, AKTUS consulting is built on the mindset that “as risks are facts of life, you may as well learn to leverage these as strategic advantages”. Risk management is not about managing risks nor risk aversion. It is about optimizing business performance with risks in mind.

In a volatile and competitive world such as this, it is not enough to be safe, when the boat is rocking – to prosper, you must have the skills, capabilities and courage to be the one rocking the boat from time to time. This is intelligent risk taking – the focus of AKTUS.

AKTUS deliver training and risk management development support based on the ISO 31000 standard.

Hans Læssøe is the author of the practical intelligent risk taking implementation guide Prepare to Dare.


  • C31000 - Certified ISO 31000:2009 Risk Professional
  • AT31000 - Approved ISO 31000:2009 Lead Trainer

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