Manoj Kulwal, CT31000

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Manoj Kulwal is the Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer at RiskSpotlight. He is responsible for managing strategic, operational and compliance risks related to the RiskSpotlight business. He shares his risk management experience through conducing training courses for organizations such as British Bankers Association, Risk Management Association, The Global Institute for Risk Management Standards & He is a Certified Trainer for ISO 31000 standard from The Global Institute for Risk Management Standards. He also hosts and publishes RiskStudio , which is a bi-monthly podcast on risk management topics. Recent podcast episodes can be found on Apple iTunes or YouTube by searching for “RiskStudio”.

Below is sample list of videos he has published on risk management topics: –

A Content Level Comparison of COSO ERM and ISO 31000 Image description
Understanding ISO 31000 definition of risk Image description
Understanding Uncertainty as covered in ISO 31000 Image description

He is member of the UK committee which is providing feedback to ISO on the currently ongoing revision of the ISO 31000 standard. He is also member of the Chartis Advisory Board, where he provides guidance on risk management related topics.