The Global Institute for Risk Management Standards is the international education and certification body for risk management. Our organization sets the standard for professionalism for the thousands of risk professionals worldwide. The C31000 designation is the only individual risk management certification designed, developed and verified by international experts knowledgeable in the ISO 31000 risk management standard, many of them, current or former members of the international ISO TC 262 committee or members of their respective, national mirror, risk management committees. This credential ensures employers that prospective candidates have a good knowledge and understanding of the ISO 31000 risk management standard.

The Global Institute organizes major industry events throughout the world. We offer corporate training programs and partnerships with public, private or community enterprises, associations, colleges, universities, groups or individuals. Like the ISO 31000 standard, our focus is not specific to any industry or sector.

The Global Institute certifies individual professionals from more than 100 countries and conducts training in many locations based on demand. We have advised numerous governments and organizations toward the goal of adopting ISO 31000, our recommended national and international risk management standard. We have also worked with private sector leaders and professional associations to promote risk management as a tool for better decision-making. Our international partners help us ensure that best practice is taught and available throughout the world. We currently teach and certify individuals in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. The G31000 global platform has the largest, and the most broad-based organization of its kind in the world growing by 500 new members per month.

Alex Dali, MBA, ARM – President

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The Global Institute for Risk Management Standards – G31000 is a non-profit international organization dedicated to raise awareness for the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard and associated documents.

Alex Dali is President of G31000. He holds a MSC in Chemical Engineering, a degree in Business Administration and a post-masters in Risk Management. Alex has worked and lived during the last 20 years in many countries and has demonstrated vast experience in many aspects of risk management. He is well known as the active founder/owner of the ISO31000 LinkedIn group which has 30,000+ members. Alex serves as an invited professor in several universities and institutes in the United States and Europe. He currently provides training, workshops, is involved in the publication of articles and books, focusing exclusively on ISO 31000 standard.

Our history


Second ISO 31000 Conference, Masterclass and Certification

Toronto, Canada: In addition to conference registrants, thirty individuals participated in post-conference masterclasses towards certification in ISO 31000.


First International Conference on ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard

124 participants from 32 countries, 37 expert speakers gathered in Paris, France


ISO 31000 LinkedIn Discussion Group is Created

For the latest discussions from our members on Linkedin.

The strongest, fastest growing, and best managed discussion group for Risk Management starts in 2009 and grows to 32,000+ members in 4 years.