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What delegates need to know about Canada’s visa and entry requirements

CICCitizens of the following countries and territories need a visa to VISIT or TRANSIT Canada: see
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is responsible for delivering Canada’s immigration programs. We are committed to helping event and meeting organizers plan a successful international event by providing important visa and entry requirement information for participants and delegates.
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G31000 has contacted the CIC for the planning for an international event. To get you started, here are a series of common questions and answers and a letter of invitation for you to fill out and send back to us with the required information.

Questions about visa and entry requirements

Letter of invitation to download

      The letter of invitation establishes the purpose of your trip to Canada and provides information on your plans in Canada. It helps the visa officer to assess the resources which you need during the trip to Canada.



download the request for letter of invitation form

      , complete the document and send it to G31000 for signature.

Madeleine Leblanc
Executive assistant to the President
G31000, non-profit organisation for raising awareness on ISO 31000
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Additional information received from the CIC

Submission of Applications:

Canada does not have a visa office in every country so it is important that participants visit the website of the visa office responsible for processing their visa application for information on how to submit an application for a TRV and the documentation required to support the application.  To view a list of visa offices and the countries they serve please go to

Visa Application Centres (VACs):

In some countries Citizenship and Immigration Canada has engaged the services of a private service provider to assist individuals applying for CIC services.

Visa Application Centres (VACs) agents are available to help applicants fill out their forms and answer questions about the application process.  They ensure applications are complete, which reduces the rate of returned applications and ultimately leads to faster processing.  This low-cost service lessens the potential for people to fall victim of fraud.

The VAC sends applications to Visa offices and transmits decisions to applicants in a confidential manner.

VACs play no role in the decision-making process.  The use of VAC services is completely optional. Applicants can continue to apply directly to the visa office if they prefer.

Participants should be encouraged to submit their visa applications through a VAC if this service is available in their country of residence.  They should be invited to check their visa office website ( for information on the services available at the VAC serving their area and the costs.

Instructional Videos on how to complete TRV applications: 

CIC has available on its internet site instructional videos on how to complete the TRV application on line.  Participants should be encouraged to watch the video to ensure the applications are completed correctly. The videos are available in English French and Spanish at the following link:

Visa Applications Processing Times:

Processing time for TRVs vary depending on the office and the time of the year (i.e. Ankara 140 days, Beirut 37 days based on a complete application).  Summer is normally the busiest time.  Participants should be encouraged to apply early for their visa, if one is required, and to submit complete applications including all supporting documents.

For your information, general processing times at the various visa offices are available at the following link  For more accurate processing times, applicants should consult the website for the visa office responsible for processing their application.


The global acceptance rate for visitor visas is approximately 80% and in the first quarter of 2011 the rate was 82%.

What to do if an application is refused:

If an individual’s visa application is denied, the applicant will be informed in writing.  If there is new information that was not previously considered or if circumstances have changed since the refusal, the applicant may wish to submit a new application.  Please note that unless the applicant provides further information that addresses the concerns raised in the refusal letter, the applicant will likely get the same results.  Every person applying for a visa must satisfy the requirements under IRPA in order for the visa officer to approve the applications.  Applicants are advised to submit complete applications, including all supporting documents, in accordance with the instructions provided in the visa office website.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site:

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We hope you will find this information useful.