The Institute for an Industrial Safety Culture (ICSI) is a non-profit organization based in Toulouse, France, with three objectives:

  • contribute to the improvement of safety in hazardous organizations (in all high-risk industrial sectors and from SMEs to large companies);
  • work towards better mutual understanding between high-risk industries and civil society, aiming for a durable compromise and an open debate that covers all the dimensions of risk;
  • foster the acculturation of all stakeholders to the questions, tradeoffs and problems related to risk and safety.

The ICSI is a crossroads between different industrial sectors, academia and civil society (local government, NGOs, trade unions). This diversity in our membership, including all the stakeholders concerned by industrial safety, allows us to:

  • improve the interaction between research in academia, researchers working in industry and impacted parties;
  • facilitate dialogue between hazardous industrial activities and civil society, by disseminating information, organizing training courses and seminars.

By bringing together people whose experience and viewpoints differ, ICSI is a hub for interactions and dialogue that are inclusive and consider all the relevant parameters of the development of a safety culture. For its members, ICSI provides a meeting point where other organizations and points of view are represented, where a common vocabulary and principles can be developed, where high quality training is available and innovative collaborative research projects undertaken. ICSI collaborates with other organizations in France and Europe where our goals overlap, in particular with universities carrying out research in risk management, with centers of expertise and with other non-profit bodies.