Publicity and professional association with the Conference

Partnership Information
Partnership Information

The conference will be promoted to more than 100,000 key players worldwide in the risk management discipline, through LinkedIn groups, risk management associations and their newsletters, websites and brochures, and by conference speakers who are expected to promote the conference through their networks. Event partners should anticipate wide exposure through their identification with the Second International conference on the ISO 31000 Standard.

Your partnership will be supported through an integrated communications programme with a variety of email campaigns, brochures and postings on the conference’s website. Your brand will also receive extensive exposure on conference material, banners and during the sessions. The conference website will stay during at least 6 months giving you exposure to ISO 31000 conference for a long period.


Networking with risk management experts and leaders

More than 40 expert speakers from all sectors dealing with the management of risk will share their views and insights on the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard. Your representatives will have the opportunity to network with expert leaders and key conference delegates to update their knowledge and understanding of your organisation and services. Such networking can generate valuable contacts both during and after the event.

Strengthening your Corporate Image

Through the conference, your company will be projected as an industry player and leader associated with the ISO 31000 Standard which is gaining more and more acceptance worldwide. The conference can also directly support your organisation’s marketing efforts by offering brand positioning, and image association, with information on your company profile and services included in the conference kits as long as they support the ISO 31000 Standard.