ISO 31000 and ISO Management Systems

Following the adoption by ISO of ‘Annex SL’ in 2012, all ISO technical committees developing existing and future management system standards have to use the same structure, terms and definitions. Management system standards have already been published using this harmonised structure and well-known management systems such as ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), etc. will follow this new format during its revision process. This session will discuss the implications for all millions of organisations having adopted multiple ISO Management systems.


Susan LK Briggs| ISO Technical Management Board (TMB) Joint Technical Coordination Group (JTCG)| USA | will speak about:

How to align all ISO Management systems ?

  • Why to harmonize ISO Management systems?
  • Annex SL: history, challenges and overview
  • The impact of Annex SL and New requirements
  • Current major revisions of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001
  • Re-defining risk for ISO 14001 ?
Susan LK Briggs
Susan LK Briggs
Kevin W Knight | Chairman of the ISO Working Group that developed ISO 31000 | Australia | will speak about:

The management of risk and its role in Management System Standards

  • The international adoption of the ISO 31000 risk management as a tool for decision-makers
  • The adoption of Annex SL by the ISO Technical Management Board
  • Risk and its management becomes part of ISO Management System Standards
  • Is there a need for a Management System Standard on risk?
Kevin W Knight
Kevin W Knight