Going beyond regulatory requirements

Today, banks are mandated to meet many different regulations including but not limited to Anti Money Laundering requirements, Sarbanes Oxley, Dodd Frank Wall St Reform Act, International Accounting Standards and Basel II / Basel III banking accord. This session will look at how ISO 31000 can assist in bringing these various regulatory initiatives together and not only harmonise with Basel II, III but improve its operation.

Session Partners



Carlos Arias | C31000 | Senior Environmental Specialist | International Finance Corporation (part of WorldBank) | USA | will talk about:

ISO 31000 Applied to E&S Management for DFI (Development Financial Institutions)

  • How IFC developed a risk management for its E&S Department
  • How E&S risk is managed in IFC’s portfolio
  • How ISO 31000 is applied in a DFI
  • How ISO helps to communicate E&S risk to other business areas
Carlos AriasCarlos Arias
Jason Shohet | Vice President, – Global AML Operations Risk Management | CITIGROUP | USA | will talk about:

Addressing new financial regulation

  • Engaging stakeholders and establishing credibility
  • Reaching common ground: Agreeing on facts and goals
  • Brokering risk-savvy solutions
  • How to operationalize compliance
Jason Shohet
Jason Shohet
Alpaslan Menevse | CT31000 | Operational Risk Manager | Sekerbank | Turkey | will talk about:

Integrating ISO 31000 within the entreprise

  • Preparing for the change in a Bank
  • Issues arising from Integration
  • Considering BASEL, COSO ICF and ISO 31000
  • Alignment with ISO 31000
Alpaslan Menevse
Alpaslan Menevse