Leveraging ISO31000 for ERM Success

ERM has been guided by various frameworks and standards but has fallen short in many deployment attempts. While every approach has legitimacy since ERM should be customized to the needs of adopting firms, the ISO 31000 approach provides the flexibility and emphases to improve the users chance of success. Three complementary views about ERM : Chris will explain that ERM done right is customized to the culture and expectations (objectives) of management and governance. Centered on the management by Objectives, Eyvind will explain why Statoil has their ERM program naturally aligned with ISO 31000. Finally, NASA’s Risk Management Approach will broaden your views about their philosophy, tools, processes and lessons learnt.


Christopher E. Mandel | Senior Vice-President, Strategic Solutions | Sedgwick | USA | will talk about:

Leveraging ISO31000 for ERM Success

  • How ISO 31000 aligns with ERM priorities
  • Strategy as the core competency of high performing ERM
  • Where does Strategic Risk Management (SRM) come in to the picture?
  • How ISO31000 as a framework/standard can facilitate success in ERM
  • What’s the next level for progressive risk management?
Christopher E. Mandel
Christopher E. Mandel
Eyvind Aven | Head of Enterprise Risk Management | Statoil | Norway | will talk about:

ERM in Statoil and ISO 31000 – A practical example

  • ISO 31000 and organization versus Statoil
  • Risk appetite and core risks
  • Strategy and risk
  • Management by Objectives versus ERM
Eyvind Aven
Eyvind Aven
Jeevan Perera | Aerospace Engineer | NASA | USA | will talk about:

NASA’s Risk Management Approach

  •  In-depth discussion of NASA’s risk philosophy, tools and processes
  •  Overview quantitative and qualitative risk assessment techniques
  • Design, development and implementation of organization-wide risk frameworks
  • Presentation of case study illustrating practical approaches to risk management and lessons learnt
Jeevan Perera
Jeevan Perera