How world-wide global risk management curriculum are moving to alignment with IS0 31000

A majority of institutions have fallen short of delivering educational programs that meet the needs of business in the area of managing risk. Many of the courses for instance are too general and there is an obsession with financial risk to the exclusion of all other forms of risk. This session features presentations that address the shortcomings that are so prevalent among the plethora of programs offering training and education in the area of risk management. The intent of this session is to show how some curriculum in RM have already adapted the content of the teaching to the principles, framework and process proposed in the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard.

Session Partners

Manhattanville College


Anthony Davidson | Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies | Manhattanville- Center for Excellence in Managing Risk | USA | will talk about:

Transforming Theory into Practice

  • Linking theory to practice
  • Changing the way of thinking conceptually
  • Learning from past mistakes
  • The road ahead to align risk management curricula with ISO 31000
Anthony Davidson
Anthony Davidson
Jacquetta Goy | CT31000 | Senior Manager, Risk Advisory Services | BCLC | Canada | will talk about:

Building up a network of trainers delivering ISO 31000 courses, worldwide

  • Why an individual certification on ISO 31000 ?
  • Content of the courses proposed by G31000
  • Assessing the demand for training and certification
  • Building a network of trainers – current status and trends
Jacquetta Goy
Jacquetta Goy
Saul J. Swartout | Executive Vice President-Operations | The Institutes | USA | will talk about:

Associate in Risk Management (ARM) and ISO 31000 alignment

  • Defining risk in relation with objectives
  • Framework and Process
  • The new version of ARM aligned with ISO 31000
  • A global perspective in risk management education and curriculum
Saul J. Swartout
Saul J. Swartout