The LinkedIn Group on the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard is a business-related social networking website group promoting the use of the ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management standard as the international reference for Risk Management Founded in March 2009, it had 8100+ members in April 2012 adding 100+ new members every week. Because we consider that it is important that you spend time with friends and family, our LinkedIn group has quality discussions strictly related to the ISO 31000 standard only. No waste of time & energy ! It is moderated by a team of 10 volunteers for your convenience.

  • Owner:Alex Dali (France)
  • Managers: Jacquetta Goy (Canada), Julian Talbot (Australia), Julian du Plessis (South-Africa), Jeffrey DeRose (USA), Alpaslan Menevse (Turkey) and Pat Croke (Ireland)

References to the ISO 31000 standard can be found in 5 subgroups

  • Comments on ISO31000 _ 0.Introduction-1.Scope and 3. Principles
  • Comments on ISO31000 _ 2. Terms and definitions
  • Comments on ISO31000 _ 4. Framework
  • Comments on ISO31000 _ 5. Process
  • Comments on ISO31000 _ 6. Annex A