Jakeman Business Solutions Pty Ltd (JBS) specialises in business strategy, training, and management consulting services to meet the specific needs of our clients. We are redefining the consulting marketplace for our valued clients:

  • by delivering results not just reports;
  • through our exceptional staff; and
  • without the traditional exorbitant fees.

We see the essence of our work as a continuous cycle of observation, decision-making and action:

  • We strive to generate strategies that maximise value creation, safety and your competitive advantage.
  • We ensure our recommendations are tailored to your unique business environment.
  • We assist you with making decisive improvements in direction, company culture and performance.
  • We work alongside you to ensure the job gets done. Indeed, we can even provide interim executives or program managers who will take responsibility for delivering your requirements.

We have a core group of 50 staff members and, as a wholly owned subsidiary of The Citadel Group Limited (CGL), possess strong reach-back arrangements with other specialist companies allowing us to deliver a range of high value products and services such as consulting, contracting, recruiting, placement, training and integrated audio-video communications. Our underlying ethos is to deliver uncompromising business solutions that represent the best value for money available.