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Head of Enterprise Risk Management

Eyvind Aven, Master in business administration, joined Statoil in 1992. He has experience from shipping, corporate planning and economic analysis both in Statoil and in banks. He is now heading the Enterprise Risk Management of Statoil’s Performance Management and Risk. Aven has more than 15 years of experience within the ERM approach and has together with Petter Kapstad built up Statoil’s ERM. The ERM comprises both risk contribution to the Strategy work, financial robustness, risk assessments at group level including both risks with monetary and no financial impact. He has also the responsibility for the Risk management process in Statoil including functional and working requirements (which are based upon ISO 31000). Petter and Eyvind established the Statoil’s Corporate Risk Committee in 1999 which is the CFO’s tool for managing Statoil’s total risk profile and is an important vehicle in Statoil’s ERM.

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