QSP and G31000 sign agreement for Brazil’s professional certification in the ISO 31000 standard

The “QSP – Quality, Safety and Productivity Center for Brazil and Latin America”, non-profit technical and scientific association, and the “The Global Institute for Risk Management Standards – G31000,” international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard around the world – signed a cooperation and exclusivity agreement for  professional ISO 31000 certification in Brazil.

Certification shall be granted to professionals from different areas of expertise, approved in the National Examination (in Portuguese) on the ISO 31000 standard, to be held in Sao Paulo city starting February 2015.

For QSP directors Francesco De Cicco and Rubens Figueiredo, “This cooperation agreement is an acknowledgment of the work of nearly 25 years of QSP expertise in the Risk Management area, and represents an important upgrade of the course we offer since 2007 on this subject.” Information about the course and the ISO 31000 certification exam can be obtained (in Portuguese) at:http://www.qsp.org.br/capacitacao_gr.shtml

Today, ISO 31000 has been already adopted by over 50 countries as their national risk management standard, including in Brazil as NBR ISO 31000 and we are proud to collaborate with QSP serving as a leading center of training and certification in Brazil”, completed Alex Dali, president of G31000, whose website is: http://G31000.org


About the author

Alex is well known today through his very active work in raising awareness of Risk Management Standards, particularly on ISO 31000. Holding a Msc in Chemical engineering, a degree Business
Administration and a post-master in Risk Management, he has worked in the last 18 years on many aspects of risk m a n a g e m e n t : i n d u s t r i a l r i s k management, loss prevention, natural
disaster risk management, business impact analysis, business interruption, business continuity management, standards and regulations. Today, Alex is a recognized as the founder of the Global
Institute for Risk Management Standards, G31000, the global ISO 31000 platform and the active owner/moderator of the LinkedIn group which has reached 37,000+ members. He is an invited professor in several universities and institutes, trainer for workshops and writing articles on ISO 31000.