Chloe Demrovsky




International Director
DRI International

Chloe Demrovsky, ABCP, is the International Director at DRI International.  She  oversees DRI’s Global Network that conducts courses in over 50 countries on 6  continents.  She is responsible for DRI’s global education growth, which  in 2009 resulted in DRI teaching more people outside the United States  than inside and in 2011 resulted in a certification increase of 72%.  She  created an international version of DRI’s audit course that encompasses  both US and International standards.  As part of her role at DRI, she has  presented at conferences on four continents.  She founded the DRI Glossary  Committee and serves as International Editor for Thrive International Magazine and Thrive Iberoamerica Magazine.  She holds a Master’s in International  Business from New York University and a Bachelor’s from Bard College at Simon’s  Rock.  Passionate about economic development, she recently traveled to  India and Kenya to work on private sector solutions for poverty alleviation.  Follow her @ChloeDemrovsky.

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