Awad Loubanilogo
Director, Quality and Risk Management Services
Strategic Policy and Planning Sector, Corporate Services and Strategic Policy Branch
Public Works and Government Services

Awad Loubani is currently working as Director, Quality and Risk Management Services in the Corporate Services and Strategic Planning Branch of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). Awad led the development and implementation of PWGSC Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Policy. He is keeping evergreen the Corporate, Operational, Conflict of Interest and IT Risk Profiles. Awad continues to update it to continuously reflect, at a macro level, the risks embedded in the transformation agenda, Deficit Reduction Action Plan, and in business lines carrying out their business activities. Awad is represented the public sector in Canada on the ISO/TMB Risk Management Working Group of Experts during the 2005-2010 period. During the October 2007- November 2011, Awad served as the Chairperson of the Technical Committee of Canadian Standards Association that was tasked to develop a Canadian Standard and Handbook to implement the ISO/TMB Risk Management Framework. Awad was recently elected as the Head of Canadian delegation to the ISO PC-262, which was set up to develop ISO 31004 Risk Management — Guidance for the implementation of ISO 31000. To date, Awad has 21 years in risk management and insurance in corporate risk management and highly diversified procurement environments; 11 years in academic research and teaching risk management and insurance; and, 15 years of underwriting and broking experience in international insurance. In addition, Awad has been teaching “Risk Financing” course at CARLETON UNIVERSITY School of Business since 1999, a prerequisite for earning professional designations in the Risk Management area.

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